Accademia Olearia - Alghero - Produzione olio extravergine d'Oliva Sardegna DOP


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Bosana, the most present cultivar in the north of Sardinia, represents a variety of olives to which the Accademia Olearia is particularly linked.
From this Location, our first Single Cultivar, the Bosana was created: an intensely firm, fruity extra virgin olive oil. In arder to obtain this product, only the green and cold-worked olives are harvested, simultaneously during the harvest. The product obtained has a firm, direct, intensely fruity flavour of green olives and herbaceous and vegetai hints, which mainly include thistles and artichokes

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This is a very intense product without compromises, dedicated to Lovers of robust flavours and tastier dishes that are a worthy context of this product of excellence. The maximum expression is
found by using it in its raw state, on salads or in a vinaigrette. Stare the product in a cool dry place.

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